Who is Haim Gelfenbeyn?

I’m a software engineer currently from Ontario, Canada. I’ve worked with quite a range of different platforms and technologies, from Windows GUI to Web applications, with detours into DevOps, device drivers, and mobile development.

I’ve been happily married since 2003, and I’m a proud father of 3 great boys.

About this site

This is the place where I ramble about software engineering, home automation, electronics and technology in general. Opinions expressed here are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my current or past employer(s), yada yada yada…

Random facts about me

  • Love playing Minecraft with my wife and kids.
  • Like Sci-Fi and Fantasy, but rarely have time to read.
  • Have been using Linux since version 0.99
  • Own way too much computer hardware.